Despite some challenges , ARCT-RUHUKA can so far register the following major achievements ;
  • Increased number of Professional Counsellors (All members) from 13 to 123 country wide through our training program.
  • Increased  organisation staff    and number of projects.
  • Acquired  land and Construction of Organisation’s own building – Centre for training and counselling with Head offices in Gasabo district of Kigali City.
  • Increased number of donors  both Local  and International.
  • Scaling up our interventions from 2 district to country wide.
  • Build professional partnerships and signed MOUs  with National and  International Universities.
  • Training of  Community Psychosocial Workers (CPWs)  from communities, High schools, Grass root organisations ,Cooperatives , Women and Youth Organisations /Associations,  Administration structures,  with focal point at each  of the 30 districs.