community facilitators in the training

The project is implemented by ARCT- RUHUKA with support from MINUBUMWE the project Together for Resilience project (T4R) in order to promote societal healing, social cohesion and resilience among the Rwandan population in the districts of Kayonza, Gatsibo and Nyagatare. The 3 districts of operation like else where in Rwanda has suffered from the genocide against the Tutsi. Therefore, difficult to trust each other, forgive and to embrace development and sustainable livelihoods. To that, are still unhealed wounds with survivors from the traumas of what they suffered, but also shame and guilt among perpetrators of what they did, majority also who returned from neighbouring countries have traumatic experiences related to their refugee status for over 30 years. Therefore, there is still a great need for individual and societal trauma healing to promote healing, unity and reconciliation rather than revenge and continued societal conflicts, trans generation trauma or even cycle of violence.

Holistic approach is used, including  psychosocial interventions for healing societal wounds with a combination of  Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and Humanistic approaches that are human centered, through individual , family or group therapy. This is because people have different capacity of copying mechanisms and need special technics and approach depending on the level and gravity of the psychological problems they suffer or have.

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