of ARCT-Ruhuka

ARCT- Ruhuka is National Organization of professional Trauma Counselors formed in 1998 and officially registered as non-governmental organization in 2004 , under ministerial decree no 97/11 of 28 July 2007, and legally registered by the Rwanda Governance Board (RGB). The organization evolved from a trauma counseling program implemented by Trocaire, an Irish Charity Organization.

The ARCT-RUHUKA initial members consisted of 13 ladies trained in therapeutic trauma counseling by Trocaire in 1995. The organization has since grown from 13 to 123 members.

In 2022, ARCT-Ruhuka developed a new Five years strategic plan for 2023 to 2027 . This strategic plan builds on the experience of previous strategic plans and evaluation recommendations of the last strategic plan, that have led to slight changes in the vision and the mission statement of the organization.

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Our Vision

ARCT-Ruhuka envisions a Rwandan society where people are psychosocially healthy.

Our Mision

To lead the development and application of innovative approaches and strengthen professional capacity in understanding, preventing and treating psychosocial problems.

Core Values

Non-discrimination: In all our undertakings, we are guided and abide by the principle non-discrimination whatsoever.

Confidentiality: We strictly observe confidentiality in our undertakings with clients. We keep confidential anything pertaining to our clients.

Integrity: We are committed to becoming professional counsellors who serve clients with forthrightness and integrity.

Professionalism: Holding ourselves to high ethical standards, and dealing with everyone with respect.

Commitment: We carry out the responsibility of diligently serving our clients, and we steadfastly commit to do our best to realize our mission.

Transparency and accountability: We believe in transparency and accountability to our communities, our supporters, donors and other external stakeholders is an ethical and effective basis for our relationships that has enabled us realize greater program impact.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Upholding the highest ethical standards in all engagements.
  • Work collaboratively and accountably with strategic actors and partners.
  • Solidarity and collaboration with all in the quest for peace of social wellbeing.
  • Good stewardships and resources entrusted to us.

Zone and field of intervention

To date , ARCT-Ruhuka operates country wide through its members of whom we have a representation at provincial levels and Community psychosocial workers where we have focal points at each of the 30 districts.
Our field of intervention is mental health and specifically psychosocial field. We work on Trauma healing, women and children’s rights ,Sexual and Gender Based Violence, mentorship, drugs, conflict management and peace building programs.