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National conference on Trauma and Psychosocial Intervention during the commemoration of Genocide held Every year Crisis Intervention at country wide on different sites during the  annual commemoration of the genocide against the Tutsi  April – July  of Every Year Care of care givers (Professional counselors and Community Psychosocial Workers (CPWs/APS) Briefing and Debriefing Sessions for […]
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ARCT RUHUKA greatly transforms psychosocial lives of Rwandan

ARCT RUHUKA greatly transforms psychosocial lives of Rwandan: men, women and children from families in conflict and the communities as a whole. A part from dialogue groups ,which were created among families in conflict, family therapy sessions, training in NVC and in laws, the rest of community members reached through umugoroba w’ababyeyi (parents’ evening) and Inshuti Z’Umuryango (IZU) or […]
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