ARCT-Ruhuka is a National Organization of Professional Trauma Counsellors created in 1998. It envisions a Rwandan society where people are psychosocially healthy. ARCT-Ruhuka mission is to lead the development and application of innovative psychosocial approaches to mental health services and strengthen professional capacity in understanding, treating, and preventing mental health problems.

ARCT Ruhuka, with the support of IOM is implementing a project called: “Implementation of a referral mechanism for medical and psychosocial care for the benefit of cross-border traders and porters in Rusizi District.” The organisation received the budget on 31 October 2023.”

The project overall objective is the overall objective of this project is to enhance women’s welfare and protection services to vulnerable cross-border traders and porters in the bordering communities of Rusizi District.

Specifically, the interventions will be focused on revise, update, finalize, and consolidation of the existing referral

ARCT RUHUKA with partnership IOM

mechanism, Popularize and implementation of the referral mechanism for the benefit of women trading on the borders; and assess the Impact and elaboration of recommendations on the challenges to be covered (support services not available or additional needs), to be considered in future actions.

To achieve those objectives, ARCT RUHUKA is working in close collaboration with key service providers like hospitals, IOSC, Health Centers, NGOs, local and border authorities and cross border trade organization involved to implement the referral mechanism.