Advocacy meeting on the implementation of GBS and GBV policies

The Rwandan Organization of Professional Counselors ARCT-RUHUKA is a National Nonprofit making Organization officially registered and recognized by Rwanda Governance Board (RGB). The organization was started to support survivors of psychological trauma, through integrated and holistic services for prevention, care and healing to facilitate recovery for sustainable unity and reconciliation, peace and development.

While implementing its activities, ARCT-RUHUKA cooperates with Local authorities and NGOs among which TROCAIRE plays a great role while working in partnership with a broad range of organizations internationally to bring about change at individual, community, societal and institutional levels. Together we tackle the root causes of family conflict and GBV not just the symptoms.

ARCT-RUHUKA in partnership with TROCAIRE through IKIRARO CY’ITERAMBERE project facilitated the advocacy meeting held at SHYORONGI Sector in RULINDO District where around 59 participants were gathered to exchange ideas on the implementation of GBS and GBV policies in the different sectors of  Rulindo District.  Selected participants were service providers from Health Facilities, Isange One Stop Center, opinion leaders  and local authorities in Rulindo District. Participants in the advocacy meeting were coming from 3 Sectors respectively Base, Cyungo and Rukozo.

The main objective of this advocacy meeting was to assess the level of GBS and Gender policy implementation in these different Sectors and mobilizing all stakeholders to boost the implementation of gender policies to streamline the governmental MDGs among which gender takes important role.

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