Safe School For Girls (SS4G)

Safe Schools for Girls (SS4G)

Adolescent in Safe School for Girl club

Care Rwanda in partnership with two national organizations namely; ARCT Ruhuka and AEE has been implementing the Safe Schools for Girls (SS4G) project in the south province of Rwanda from 1st August 2015. SS4G is a five- year’s project funded by Patsy Collins Trust Fund Initiative through CARE USA.  The project aims at achieving the long-term impact of: “Girls in low socio-economic status pursue their education up to the higher institutions”.Specifically, the project aims at:

  • Reducing number of girls who drop out from school,
  • Increasing attendance and performance;
  • Increasing number of girls who transition from lower to upper secondary education.

This project is aligned to the theory of change and approach will contribute to the overall goal of ’’Adolescents, especially marginalized girls, can build capabilities and pursue opportunities to realize their aspirations’’.

The project is using an innovative approach to make school a place where girls are happy to be or to come back to if they had dropped out. In order to make this happen, the project has integrate the multi-component methodology in school activities in order to address socio-emotional and economic challenges girls face in school environment and at home, to improve the school environment so that it becomes more girl supportive and to provide innovative responses to their economic challenges.  The project is using four key methods:

  • The mentorship model as a tool to help teachers to listen to challenging issues and emotions of girls and to provide guidance,
  • The saving and loan methodology for financial, economic, business and entrepreneurial literacy,
  • The scorecard to provide feedback to the school management on performance,
  • “Engaged boys” to support girls’ education.


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