Safe School For Girls

Safe School For Girls

This  is a five- years project that started from 1st August 2015, with funding from  Patsy Collins Trust Fund Initiative through CARE USA , to CARE Rwanda.  The project targets the youth ,especially girls in 9&12 Years basic education (9/12 YBE)

The project is now in its year three of implementation by two national organizations which are ARCT-Ruhuka and YWCA and operates in 5 districts of Kamonyi , Muhanga , Ruhango, Nyanza and Huye in Southern Province.  The project aims at achieving the long-term impact of: “Girls in low socio-economic status pursue their education up to the higher institutions”. The project targets 47,000 Adolescents (24,600 girls and 22,400 boys) in lower secondary schools (12-18 years) in at least 120 schools in Southern Province.

The project will use four key approaches:

–       The mentorship model as a tool to help teachers to listen to challenging issues and emotions of girls and to provide guidance,

–       The saving and loan methodology for financial, economic, business and entrepreneurial literacy,

–       The scorecard to provide feedback to the school management on performance,

–       “Engaged boys” to support girls’ education.

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