ARCT-RUHUKA facilitated a 3 days training on trauma and active listening conflict resolution

The Rwandan Organization of Professional Counselors ARCT – Ruhuka is a National Nonprofit making Organization , formed in April 30th 1998 and officially registered under the Ministerial Decree No.97/11 on 28 July, 2004 and registered by Rwanda Governance Board (RGB). The organization was started to support survivors of psychological trauma, through integrated and holistic services for prevention, care, and healing to facilitate recovery for sustainable unity and reconciliation, peace and development. Currently, the Organization is working hand-in-hand with different International NGOs among which the USAID plays a great role while implementing the USAID “DUHUZE” Connect Project through International Alert. It is in this regards, that on 2nd March 2018, ARCT-RUHUKA in collaboration with Alert International and USAID through DUHUZE Project facilitated a 3 days training to 36 new Trauma Counselors to replace drop-outs, the training that took place at Saint Francois d’Assise.

Mrs. Annonciata (ARCT) carrying out the training session to 36 new Trauma Counselors

A pre-and post test was dispensed to trainees to evaluate the level of selected candidates to become Trauma Counselors. The Project operates in seven Districts around the county respectively GASABO, NYAMAGABE, MUSANZE, NGORORERO, HUYE, RUBAVU and GISAGARA whereas each district provides around 5 participants. Since the Project was launched, there were drop-outs and thus, new future Counselors were selected to complete these gaps. The selection of new Trauma Counselors emphasizes on key persons in the communities dropped from primary teachers, youth committee members and Community Health Workers (CHWs).

During three days, selected futures Trauma Counselors were keen and very interested to their coming duties in their respective communities. The training topic was “Trauma and Active listening conflict resolution” and there will be refresher training in the aftermath. The overall objective of the training is to streamline the capacity building to Trauma Counselors and make them true peace builders within their respective communities. The post-test revealed that they all mastered the training courses and this guarantee the success of the project.

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