Safe School For Girls (SS4G)

his is a five- years project that started from 1st August 2015, with funding from Patsy Collins Trust Fund Initiative through CARE USA , to CARE Rwanda. The project targets the youth ,especially girls in 9&12 Years basic education (9/12 YBE)

The project is now in its year three of implementation by two national organizations which are ARCT-Ruhuka and YWCA and operates in 5 districts of Kamonyi , Muhanga , Ruhango, Nyanza and Huye in Southern Province. The project aims at achieving the long-term impact of: “Girls in low socio-economic status pursue their education up to the higher institutions”. The project targets 47,000 Adolescents (24,600 girls and 22,400 boys) in lower secondary schools (12-18 years) in at least 120 schools in Southern Province.

The project will use four key approaches:

  • The mentorship model as a tool to help teachers to listen to challenging issues and emotions of girls and to provide guidance,
  • The saving and loan methodology for financial, economic, business and entrepreneurial literacy,
  • The scorecard to provide feedback to the school management on performance,
  • “Engaged boys” to support girls’ education.

The ARCT-Ruhuka trained mentors in GS Giseke held a club meeting on mentorship topic on unwanted Pregnancies 

Students In Clubs With Their Mentors At Gs Kizibere – SS4G Project

Student of GS Nyabisindu in presentation of success of SS4G Project to the school directors and District authorities

Girls in club after group discussions with mentors on personal issues , they participate in voluntary saving and lending activity.

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